The privacy policy describes the rules for the processing of information about you, including personal data and cookies.

1. General information

2. Selected data protection methods used by the Operator

3. Hosting

4. Your rights and additional information on how the data is used

5. Information in the forms

6. Administrator logs

7. Important Marketing Techniques

8. Information about cookies

9. Managing cookies - how to express and withdraw consent in practice?

This policy template has been generated free of charge, for information purposes, based on our knowledge, industry practices and legal provisions in force as of 2018-08-14. We recommend that you check the policy template before using it on the website. The formula is based on the most common situations on websites, but may not reflect the full and exact specificity of your website. Read the generated document carefully and, if necessary, adapt it to your situation or seek legal advice. We do not take responsibility for the consequences of using this document, because only you have influence on whether all information contained in it is truthful. Also note that the Privacy Policy, even the best, is only one of the elements of your concern for personal data and user privacy on the website.